June 23, 2009

Blog Session N° 11>> Write about you Blogging Experience

Write about your blogging experience.

- Did you enjoy it? Why? Why not?

- Did it help you improve your English?

- Give your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in the English class.

Minimum 300 words

June 16, 2009

Blog Session 10>> Your Ideal Job

Before beginning today's blog post, go here and review articles. Then, review how to use gerunds and infinitives here. Take both quizzes until you score 100%.

Then, apply your grammar knowledge to blog post 10: your ideal job.


- What your ideal job would be
- What qualities and skills you would need to do this job
- Why you would be good at this job
- How difficult it would be to find this kind of job

200 words and comments on at least 3 of your classmates' blogs

June 9, 2009

Blog Session 9 >> Art Criticism

First, go to this quiz. Score a 100%. Then take this one and get 100%. Show me your results for a daily grade.

If you need help or review before the quiz, you might look at this site.

Then, write your post for today, using articles correctly. Post a piece of art you like and write an accompanying text (150 words minimum)

Who the artist is
When you first saw this piece of art
Explain why you like it.

Then, take some time to comment on others´blogs, respond to comments on your blog, and make corrections to past blog entries.

June 2, 2009

Blog Session 8 >> Talk Review

This week we are taking a look at the TED website: http://www.ted.com/.

You have to visit it, watch Sir Ken Robinson's talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity" , and then write a 150 words review.

May 26, 2009

Blog Session 6 >> The Best in Your Area

First: If you corrected blog post 4 and have questions for me about any revisions, talk with me today.

Then: Complete the following post assignment.

In your opinion, who is the best in your field?

Tell me what you think.


Who she/he is,
What she/he has done,
Why you like her/him.

Explain what makes her/him the best.

Please find some examples of her/his work in images and post them too.

About 150 words please.

May 7, 2009

Symbol Key and Correction Post (due May 18)

Hey, everyone. Below is the key for the symbols I used to mark your blog post #4. Using this key, plus the notes you took in class today, please make your corrections and publish them in a *new post*!!

Correction post due: May 18

Use this opportunity to win some extra points for your blog grade. I will grade this correction like the other usual posts: 2pts for complete, 1 pt for partial completion, and 0 pts for not doing anything.

Symbol Meaning Example

S Incorrect Spelling *I recieved your letter.
W.O Wrong Word Order *We know well this city.
T Wrong Tense *If he will come it will be to late.
C Concord - Subject and Verb do not agree *Two policemen has come.
WF Wrong Form *That table is our.
S/P Singular or plural problem *We need more informations.
λ Something Missing *They said λ was wrong.
( ) Something is not necessary *It was too much difficult.
?M Meaning is not clear *Come and rest with us for a week.
NA Use not appropriate *He requested me to sit down.
P Punctuation *Whats your name.
WE Wrong expression * For one side
WW Wrong word * Where do you guard the dishes?
SS Sentence Structure * (See your class notes!)
L Capitalization * i was in santiago.

May 5, 2009

Post 5: Your Career

To begin, let´s look at two important English language issues that everyone should review. Go to the website Big Dog´s Grammar by clicking here. Read the short lesson on parallel structure and then take the self-quiz. We will discuss our results in class.

Then, go on to review pronoun antecedent agreement. The first part of the lesson is very obvious, but the part on "nobody," "everybody," etc. and sexism is important. Once again, take the self-quiz.

Today's Post:
- Why are you studying this career?
- What do professionals in your area contribute to society?
- What tools will a professional in your area need to have in the future?
- What is your favourite subject?
- Include this and more in your answer.
- 150 words minimum please.